Saturday October 8th Part One: 4Trees, Architex, Astronautalis @ WOW Hall

Some artists genre bend in ways that just make choosing an opening act like solving a rubix cube. Astronautalis is one of those artists that could play with anyone, but makes sense with no one, raising the bar for the opening artists, for fear of paling in comparison.

Luckily, 4Trees and The Architex were up for the challenge.

4Trees took the stage with a comfortable air that’d have you think they were born there, already spitting about Northwest downpours, house parties, and blazing bowls on Duck game day. Go Oregon.

It’s hard for me to talk about Architex and be remotely fair or unbiased. Three of their five members are my favorite local MCs. The verbal assault that is Ebb One, KI Design, and Undermind would be enough for me, but no, Cerebral Coretext and Incite gotta roll in and ice the cake, making the deal that much sweeter. The high point of the set, for me, was hearing some of my favorite Bad News Tooth tracks barrelling outta the bigass speakers at The WoW Hall, the perfect cherry on top.

Astronautalis took the stage with a brooding intensity that built throughout his set, a wave of subdued emotions hiding beneath, never quite exploding, mostly just showing in hints and ripples across the smooth glass surface. I find myself playing the same name game I do with WHY? It isn’t hip hop. It isn’t indie rock, but it’s not NOT those things. It’s a smart, challenging, multi-genre balance that still manages to be digestible, palatable and highly appealing. Not to mention the lyrics… awesome.

Admittedly, I dipped out of WOW Hall a bit early, as I had the FINAL Rocket Propelled Chainsaws show to catch, but it was hard to pry myself away. Leaving the show I vowed to visit Astronautalis’ web site for some vinyl (after shamefully downloading the complete discography)…


4Trees: https://www.reverbnation.com/4trees

Architex: https://www.facebook.com/thearchitex

Astronautalis: https://www.facebook.com/Astronautalis?ref=ts&sk=app_182222305144028

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Show Hoppin’ Shenanigans 9/30

Last night started off pretty early, 7:30ish with some post-band practice beers at Ninkasi and the jam-rock stylings of Blue Lotus. Though, not specifically my cup of tea, these guys have a pretty tight sound, and provided an appropriate soundtrack to the crowded patio a the brew-pub/tasting room.

Finishing our pints of Believer (tasty!) and I art-walked my way toward downtown, stopping for a game at Blair Alley Vintage Arcade and a last visit with Mo Bowen at The Voyeur Art Gallery (sadface) before arriving at Black Forest in time to catch the latter half of Dead Horizon’s (Roseburg) set. These guys bring the hardcore (they claim “mediumcore”) heavy, brutal, and mustached. Good stuff.

Then I dipped in at The Oakstreet Speakeasy and caught a few minutes of 4Trees down home, roots-that-show hip hop.

At this point I stumbled through a maze of Dubstep Djs (sorry, somehow no pictures, I got distracted by jello shots) and wound up at Luckey’s hypnotized by the jam-funk-hop-blues fusion that is Jamalia.

Feeling a Los Banderos burrito and sleep calling my name, I resolved myself to one last beer/band at Black Forest. My ears are still ringing from the brutal breakdowns of Cold Blood Ceremony.

All in all, a good fuckin’ night. Until next time (when I rant and rave about tonight’s Melt Banana show @ WoW Hall) I bid you adieu.


Blue Lotus: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blue-Lotus/159241634130717

Cold Blood Ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/coldbloodceremony?sk=wall

4Trees: https://www.facebook.com/4treesfamily

Jamalia: https://www.facebook.com/JamaliaMusic?sk=wall

Dead Horizon: https://www.facebook.com/thedeadhorizon?sk=wall

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My grandfather once told me that when the sun touches the tip of the horizon it only takes 10 minutes for it to set. He was a sailor and an officer in the navy in World War II so he probably new what he was talking about, but I swear sometimes–when the colors are real special and I’m watching the sun sink down past the horizon after a full day of walking thru life on the edge–the whole universe stands still. RIP grandpa. – N-Dever
Nye Beach, OR.
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4trees fam had the opportunity to work pre-fest at NWWRF this year, and one day of hard work paid off. In return for helping clear camp spaces in the woodland fringe and build the late-night music dome, the TREES received early-arrival vendor passes for free, a private campground, and a community booth space in a prime location, location, location.

NWWRF 2010 was the first festival 4trees had a booth to sell merchandise at. And the crew came correct with a fresh run of clothing and cds. 4trees associate Lad-E-Boy also came thru with his creative glass and unique vibe.

Marv Ellis & The Platform feat. the Acoustic Minds played main stage on Sunday afternoon and picked up everyone’s melancholy mood. Marv hot-stepped his way around the stage, bouncing with positive energy, and DJ DV8 killed it on the 1s and 2s.

NWWRF 2010 was a huge success! If you don’t know, get informed, and the TREES will see you out there next year. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JIMI G. FOR MAKING IT ALL POSSIBLE.

Music provided by Kritikal

Music provided by Unkle Nancy